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Red Dwarf: Series 4

  • The Loft Cinema 18A West Street Hereford United Kingdom (map)

All of Series 4 of Red Dwarf in one evening! All 6 episodes and the option to order from The Burger Shop for the interval.

Camille Rimmer and Kryten rescue Camille, a female android from a passenger ship that has crash landed. Kryten falls in love with Camille, only to learn Camille is not who she appears to be, and finds she can shape-shift into Kochanski, a female Rimmer and the Cat.

D.N.A.The Red Dwarf crew investigates a alien spaceship that is drifting in deep space. Where they discover a D.N.A modifier, a genetic altering machine that alters all organic life. But all havoc breaks loose, when Lister gets turned into a chicken, a hamster, Kryten becomes a human male and they create a curry monster from Lister's curry.

Justice The Red Dwarf crew transport a defrosting stasis capsule to 'Justice World', a remote penal space station, where they believe the person in the capsule may be one of the convicts or one of the guards. And Rimmer is convicted of the radioactive disaster that wiped out the entire crew of Red Dwarf.

White Hole The Red Dwarf crew set out to restore Holly's IQ with the use of Talkie-Toaster, who Lister dismantled because Talkie-Talk winds him up with his obsession of serving toast. But something goes wrong and Red Dwarf loses power and the crew find themselves heading towards a white hole, that is spewing time back into the universe.

Dimension Jump
 Arnold "Ace" Rimmer is a daredevil test pilot for the space corps, and he has been assigned to test-pilot a ship that can travel through dimensions, so he can meet many different versions of himself. He enters our dimension to meet our Rimmer, who has gone on a fishing holiday with the crew.

Meltdown The Red Dwarf crew travels to "Waxworld" an android theme park, when Kryten discovers a matter transmission device. Lister and Cat are taken prisoner by Adolf Hitler, whilst Rimmer and Kryten lead a resistance group led by Albert Einstein and Elvis Presley against them.

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