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Red Dwarf: Series 3

  • The Loft Cinema 18A West Street Hereford United Kingdom (map)

All of Series 3 of Red Dwarf in one evening! 3 episodes either side of the intermission, option to order from The Burger Shop for the interval.

Backwards As Rimmer is taking Kryten for a driving lesson in Starbug they find themselves being whisked away through a time hole and end up on Earth, where time is running backwards.

Marooned The Red Dwarf crew abandons ship as Red Dwarf approaches black holes. Rimmer and Lister find themselves marooned on an ice planet, when Starbug is struck by a meteorite, where the only firewood is Rimmer's possessions and the only food they have is dog food and a pot noodle.

Polymorph The Red Dwarf crew encounter the Polymorph, a genetically engineered space mutant that drains the emotions from humans, that has arrived on-board Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf becomes a booby-trap when Lister activates the self-destruct, which turns out to be the vending machine and Lister is implanted with the mind of one of the dead crew members and Rimmer believes it's the perfect way to help Lister get fit.

Timeslides The developing fluid that Krytern uses to process old photographs mutates and the photographs come alive. The Red Dwarf crew find they can go into the photograph, and Lister finds that the photographs allow them to go back in time and he plans on changing history so that he doesn't end up marooned in deep space.

The Last Day
The crew receive a message from Kryten's manufacturer saying that he must be dismantled within 24 hours, at which time a more advanced mechanoid will arrive to replace him. Lister, Cat, Rimmer and Holly decide to throw Kryten a leaving party and give him one last night to remember.

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